About Us
HT Interior Design & Build has been established in 2006 to bring creative ideas of interior design service to customers in the areas of home interior design, office interior design, hotel interior design and many more. We deliver unique ideas while keeping in mind to work with the budget and requirements of our clients.

At HT Interior Design & Build we offer quality for all of your residential and commercial design needs. HT Interior Design & Build is your complete architectural designing source offering residential interior designs; commercial interior designs; floor planning; house renovation and modification custom plans and several other architectural contracts and includes wiring, all kinds of metal works. We strive to execute the best piece of work for our esteemed clients.

Mission and Vision

Our mission declares as the union of aesthetic, function, environmental consideration and client satisfaction. Our goal is to meet & exceed our client’s expectations. We recognize that each project comes with a unique style and set of needs. We listen closely and offer guidance. We have a passion for the environment and we try to introduce “earth friendly” solutions whenever possible.

Our vision is to consistently deliver eco-friendly world class finishes in our interior design concepts, execute & complete all projects in such a way to create an ambience that will echo the desires of our clients’ hearts and to bring to life their life style in harmony with nature.

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